Get Writing

Conscience: “Why even continue with this? It’s getting embarrassing. You waste your time writing silly poetry that no one bothers reading. Yeah sure you have 99 followers now, but you’re washed up already… at such a young age too. Shame.”

You: “You know what, Conscience? I labour over words with meticulous precision, efforts that neither my friends nor strangers seem to acknowledge. Will that make me quit? No - because high numbers are irrelevant. This isn’t about recognition or fame. It doesn’t matter how many likes a picture gets on Facebook, nor how many retweets a clever hashtag gets on Twitter. The truth is simple: my passion has more worth than can be measured by reblogs. I pour myself into my work, ticking heart and typing hands, and if it makes a difference in one person’s life, then that’s great. Goal achieved. That’s the number that matters… one, and it all starts with you.” 

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    Wolfie’s Note: At times the simplest of statements make the most sense and this write is exactly that.
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